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If you're not sure what samples sizes look like, you can view our FAQs for examples!

Yes! We only sell 100% authentic fragrances. Being so passionate about fragrance ourselves, we would never consider doing otherwise. We even recycle instead of re-sell the bottles we decant to make sure they aren't used for fakes.

Our decants contain the fragrance from the genuine bottle - just rebottled, repackaged and distributed by DecantPlanet LLC in Los Angeles. We have no affiliation, connection, or association with the manufacturers or brand owners of any fragrance. We buy the bottles ourselves!

If you have a problem with your order, we'll do our best to make it right! If your order arrives damaged, send a photo of the broken item(s) to within 7 days of receiving the package, and we'll refund you ASAP.

However, we don't accept returns in an "I changed my mind" way for two reasons:

1. Fragrance preferences are very personal, and not every scent is going to be loved by all. We encourage you to buy a small sample size before considering a full bottle, because you might not like the scent.

2. Our commitment to ensuring that we never sell a fake is strict, and based on solely buying from highly reputable distributors. If we were to accept a return bottle, we would not be able to re-sell it with 100% certainty that it was the same legitimate bottle we shipped. (Scammers make extremely convincing fakes these days!)

Again, the above items only refer to returns in the sense of "I changed my mind and decided I don't want this anymore." If there's a problem with any items in your order, that's a different story and we'll do whatever we can to remedy it! You're also welcome to cancel any order that hasn't been packaged yet.

We ship most orders within one business day - often even on the same day your order is placed!

Here is what the 1ml sample vial looks like. (We use several different container sizes for the vials, both under 2" in height, but the same amount of liquid in either.)

Here is what the 2ml spray looks like.

Here is what the 10ml spray looks like.

Sometimes we also sell samples in other sizes, but the product listing will always specify if it's a spray or sample vial.

Sample vials/atomizers will not usually be full to the top, as it's based on the amount of liquid (often in larger vials).

Here's our guide to three different ways you can use them!

If your order arrives damaged, send a photo of the broken item(s) to within 7 days of receiving the package, and we'll refund you ASAP!

Yes! You're welcome to cancel any order that hasn't been shipped yet. If you'd like to cancel an order, email us at with your order details, and we'll let you know if it's been shipped yet. If it hasn't, we'll cancel it and make sure you're refunded right away!

We ship from Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to the USA, you can place samples-only orders to the UK, Canada, Singapore, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

Looking for another country? Email us at to see if we can add it!

For more info on shipping costs, check out our Shipping & Return Policy.

There are many fragrance stores that only sell bottles, without an option to sample first - especially not without a quick spritz in a crowded store. On the other hand, most decant sites don't sell bottles. So if you do fall in love with a fragrance sample, you have to hunt the bottle down separately.

With DecantPlanet, we want people to be able to save money by sampling first, instead of having to splurge on a bottle and hope for the best. Then, if you love your sample, you can come back to the same reliable source and get the bottle!

We don't sell bottles of 100% of the fragrances we have samples of, but we're regularly expanding our inventory. If you want to buy a bottle that we don't sell, feel free to email us at and request it!

There are two reasons you might encounter this:

1. We created product pages for every fragrance that we've ever tried. People can vote on which products we should stock next via the "notify me when restocked" feature. We monitor requests, and try to stock products that people ask for!

2. In addition to our regular stock of bottles and decants, we also sell extras from our personal collections. These will often be one-offs or rare and limited edition fragrance samples.

You can view all In Stock items here, or select "Filter" when viewing product results, and click the "in stock" checkbox in the pop-out.

Between the packaging and shipping, fragrance is not always an environmentally-friendly industry, and we want to do whatever we can to counteract that.

We buy carbon offset credits from a great nonprofit called COTAP. They reduce carbon emissions through certified forestry projects in less developed regions, which also create earnings for rural farming communities.