Free shipping over $50 in the US! Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping - USA:

USPS FirstClass Shipping: $4.99

Free shipping over $50!

How fast do you ship?

Most orders ship within 24 hours! They typically take between 4 and 7 days to arrive.

Where do you ship from?

Los Angeles, CA.

Shipping - International:

Outside of the USA, you can also place samples-only orders to the UK, Canada, Singapore, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

For Canada, shipping is $19.99 USD, or free for overs over $125.

For other countries outside of the USA that we ship to, the shipping cost for most international orders is set at $29.99, or free for orders over $250.  (The actual shipping cost will often end up being less than $29.99, in which case we'll either refund you the difference if we do the slowest shipping, or we'll pay for the difference if we do the fastest option, depending on your order total.

Looking for a different country?

More countries coming soon! To request a country, email:


What if my item arrives damaged?

If you have a problem with your order, we'll do our best to make it right! If your order arrives damaged, send a photo of the broken item(s) to within 7 days of receiving the package, and we'll refund you.

What if I change my mind?

We don't accept returns in an "I changed my mind" way for two reasons:

1. Fragrance preferences are very personal, and not every scent is going to be loved by all. We encourage you to buy a small sample size before considering a full bottle, because you might not like the scent.

2. Our commitment to ensuring that we never sell a fake is strict, and based on solely buying from highly reputable distributors. If we were to accept a return bottle, we would not be able to re-sell it with 100% certainty that it was the same legitimate bottle we shipped. (Scammers make extremely convincing fakes these days!)

Again, the above items only refer to returns in the sense of "I changed my mind and decided I don't want this anymore." If there's a problem with any items in your order, that's a different story and we'll do whatever we can to remedy it!


Can I cancel an order?

You're welcome to cancel any order that hasn't shipped yet. To request a cancellation of a pending order, email us at with your order number, and we'll let you know if it's been shipped yet. If it hasn't, we'll cancel the order and refund you ASAP! Heads up, we ship quickly.